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Do I Have to Start a New Automobile Insurance Policy when I Move States?

When moving from state to state, you will absolutely need a new auto insurance policy. Each state has its own laws and regulations which will require a new policy to be written in that state.

Outlined here are the steps that you should take in order to make the change of policies a smooth transition:

  • First things first, always contact your Agent and make sure they are licensed in the state that you are moving to. For example, our Agency is licensed in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. So, just because you are moving states does not mean that you have to change agencies if you have been working with an Agent and would like to keep your business with someone you know and trust. If they are not licensed in the state you are moving to, they may have a referral for you or may have more resources to help you find an agent in your new location.
  • Second, it is always good to know the address of where you are moving before you call to get a quote in your new state. Insurance is based on zip codes, so if you want the most accurate quote, it is best to have that information ahead of time before you call.
  • Make sure that you understand your new policy coverages. Every state has different insurance laws and different coverages which are very important. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with your new policy in the event of a claim.
  • Lastly, check your new state’s laws in regards to how long you have to register your Automobile Insurance to the new State. For instance, in Kentucky, pursuant to code KRS 186.020, you have 15 days to register your vehicle from the time that you take residency in that state.

I have attached the vehicle registration guidelines below for the states of Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office.